Does a big cat make a good pet?
In our opinion, NO.  Here are some considerations you should make if you are considering a big cat for a pet.  


  • They are dangerous 

  • They require specialized care.

  • They require special cages.

  • You may need very expensive liability insurance.

  • You can't play with them.

  • These exotic cats are usually abandoned by their owners when they become mature.  

Are there any exotic cats that would make a reasonable pet?

  • There are a few.  For instance:  the leopard cat or even a jungle cat.  They do require a license in the state of Florida, but, it is easy to obtain.

  • The biggest cat that Felids and Friends can recommend is the Serval.  They grow up to be about 40 pounds.  They have to have an outside cage, but, they do fairly well in the house, if they are supervised carefully.  

  • This is a lifetime commitment.  There are very few facilities that take exotic animals and some of the facilities that do, are over crowded and the animals are simply "warehoused". Potentially, it is not a happy life for an animal.  


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