Animal Week at the First Presbyterian Church
Trisha the Prairie Dog was the main attraction.  

Co starring with Trisha were the humans:

Vera Conner

Shannon Ruby


The kids learned all about Prairie Dogs.  Some of the things that they learned were:

  • Prairie Dogs live in the mid west part of the United States.

  • They are part of the squirrel family.

  • Prairie Dogs are not really dogs but rodents like the squirrel.

  • They live about 15 feet underground in tunnels that branch off into a roundish room.

  • Prairie Dogs live to be about five years old in captivity, but no one is really sure how long they live in the wild.

  • They are actually good for the environment and help many types of grasses to grow.  Farmers used to think that they were competitors but are slowly learning that they can help their cattle by encouraging the growth of grass that the cattle feed on.

  • Prairie Dogs are very sociable in the wild and they sure are in captivity.

Here are some of the happy participants.  



Trisha with her friend Shannon.  



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