Living with exotic animals, title page


Welcome to our new Series:


Did you ever wonder what it is like to grow up with a tiger?  Or a lion, or other exotic creature for that matter?  Well, read on.  Some of the guys at Felids and Friends came to us when they were babies.  We have also taken care of other visiting babies at the neighborhood from time to time.  If you think you may have ever wanted an exotic pet, this may change your mind. 

Raising a big cat for instance is a lot of work.  You can't take them out to see your friends and you can't take them to school for show and tell. They bite!  Think about it!  Sam the tiger is 500 pounds.  We don't care what the record is for how many humans can fit in a volkswagon.  You "ain't"  getting him in one.  His butt is way too big.

Of course, everyone of the guys is a joy and we have had a lot of fun bringing them up.  And, we wouldn't trade any of them for a million dollars.  We at Felids and Friends are thankful everyday for our residents.

Enjoy these funny stories:

bullet Taz our little Angel/Devil?
bullet Makena The Lion Cub