Pet First Aid Title Page


What would you do if your pet has an accident?  Do you know how to help him survive until you are able to transport him to a veterinarian? 


This new series will outline many emergencies that can confront a pet owner. 

There are many American Red Cross branches in the United States which sponsor pet first aid classes.  Contact them for class schedules.  And please remember, this course is meant to familiarize you with techniques to make your pet comfortable and increase his chances of survival until you are able to get him to your veterinarian.  It is not meant to replace the expert advice of a vet. 


We will be adding new topics on pet emergencies regularly.  Keep checking in for more informative articles


bullet Rescue Breathing and CPR
bullet Heatstroke
bullet Poisoning
bullet Birthing Emergencies
bullet Birthing Problems
bullet Choking
bullet Building a Pet First Aid Kit
bullet Approaching an injured animal.
bullet Splinting
bullet Bleeding
bullet Car Accident
bullet Pet Carry Techniques
bullet Hotspots
bullet Roundworms
bullet Tapeworm
bullet Heart Rate and Pulse
bullet Splinting
bullet Administering Medication
bullet Puncture Wounds
bullet Snake Bites
bullet Shock



Thanks to Vera Conner,  a Felids and Friends Director for this series.