Growing up with Katana the Leopard

Part II


  As related by one of our volunteers

Katana has been in her outdoor enclosure now for eight months, she loves playing.  She is like a big kid.  I spend about a half an hour to an hour every day after work with her. It's good to keep up the bond that I have with her. She loves getting her belly scratched, and having her  her face rubbed.  She eats approximately 3-4 pounds of raw meat a day, consisting of Beef, Chicken and Pork. She just had her yearly booster shot. (Felovax LVK)  I try and walk her on a leash, at least once or twice a week, although it doesn’t always happen. She likes being out, but gets tired quickly, and doesn’t want to go back in her enclosure.  Usually I have to carry her back to her enclosure.  She weighs about sixty pounds now, and she is just over a year old.  I figure she will be around seventy pounds when she peaks.  I will be working on another enclosure for her at the end of the year, which will be double the size she is in now.






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