Did you ever want to know what surgery looks like on an animal?  The following is a  story of Nickie the Wolf Hybrid and his surgery. 


Nickie came to Felids and Friends as a rescue and he is very nervous like a typical wolf.  Compounding Nickie's  shyness is his being very afraid of strangers.  We don't know all of Nickie's history but he appears to have been treated very badly by humans. Nickie came to live in the Felids and Friends neighborhood because of his shyness.  Nickie was adopted from an animal sanctuary.  He had a tough time at the sanctuary due to the many different people there. They also teased him. We knew that he needed extra tender loving care and people around him that empathize with his great fear of humans.  We have grown to love Nickie very much.  He actually is a very loving gentle creature.  But, needless to say, we have to tread very gently with Nickie in order not to upset him.

Nickie had a cyst growing on the side of his face.  It was getting bigger day by day.

We had a dilemma.  Should we stress Nickie and take him to the vet?  In order to transport him, we would have to drug him.  That would entail darting him with an anesthesia agent to put him to sleep in order to move him.  Then he would have to be put to sleep again at the veterinary clinic for the surgery.  Another way would be to do the surgery in the field.  Obviously, there is less control over conditions in the field, but Nickie would only have to be put to sleep one time.  The staff at Felids and Friends weighed the pros and cons and discussed it with the veterinarians.  Fortunately, the vets have extensive experience with field surgery so we elected to have Nickie's procedure done right here in the Felids and Friends Neighborhood. 

It worked out great.  No psychic trauma and his wound healed perfectly. 

The tumor was benign so we had a happy ending.

To see the surgery click here.  It is graphic and may not be for everyone.