Why Wolf Hybrids Don't Make Good Pets


bullet They can be unpredictable.
bullet They must remain in a pen when unsupervised.  When you have them out of the pen - they must be leashed.
bullet They have been known to kill other pets.
bullet They have a strong predatory instinct.  This means that they may hunt and kill livestock and your neighbor's pets if they escape.
bullet If you give them up to a humane shelter, they will be immediately euthanized.  They cannot be placed in an adoptive home by the humane organization.  This is due to the shelter's concern over their liability should the wolf hybrid cause problems for the new owner.
bullet They are wolves, so they howl at night.  Many neighborhoods and communities outlaw excessive canine noise.
bullet They are powerful animals which means a bite from them Hurts.



Some hybrids have made good companion animals.  These hybrids are owned by humans willing to put up with the added work of caring for a wolf hybrid.  Many hybrids are very loving animals with distinct personalities just like our own wolves.  Shannon, Nickie and Fancy are very sweet. They are permanent residents of Felids and Friends.  We wouldn't give them up for a million dollars.   However, as we mentioned, they are in a very large pen and are walked on a leash.  And we love the howling.