Venus and the Cat

Aesop (6th century BC)

In ancient times there lived a beautiful cat who fell in love with a young man.  Naturally, the young man did not return the cat's affections, so she besought Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, for help.  The goddess, taking compassion on her plight, changed her into a fair damsel.

No sooner had the young man set eyes on the maiden than he became enamored of her beauty and in due time led her home as his bride.  One evening a short time later, as the young couple were were sitting in their chamber, the notion came to Venus to discover whether in changing the cat's form she had also changed her nature.  So she set down a mouse before the beautiful damsel.  The girl reverting completely to her former character, started from her seat and pounced upon the mouse as if she would eat it on the spot, while her husband watched her in dismay.

The goddess, provoked by such clear evidence that the girl had revealed her true nature, turned her into a cat again.


What is bred in the bone will never be absent in the flesh.

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