Dija Know This About Coyotes?

Some cool stuff heard about  coyote behavior

bullet Many Native American cultures have described the intelligence and cunning of the coyote in their traditional stories and myths. 


bullet The Flatheads of the Northern Rockies believed that if a coyote howled three times, it meant that a friend or foe would visit the next day.


bullet Coyotes actually thrive near humans.  Listen to this one: Two radio collared coyotes were tracked through a Chicago suburb.  The coyotes were actually observed passing a women pushing a baby stroller. The researcher stopped and asked the women about the coyotes and she said "these dogs were often seen in the neighborhood". 


bullet Talk about smart. USDA Wildlife Service trappers have dealt with smart coyotes.  The trappers had been duped by the intelligent creatures when several coyotes took the time to spring every trap on a trap line the USDA workers had set.  The coyotes in turn kicked dirt on the traps and marked them with urine to let the other coyotes know they had been there.  Do you think they were trying to warn their friends?


bullet Radio collared coyotes have been known to travel as far as 100 miles from where they were released by researchers.


bullet Sweet Tooth?  A study focusing on the coyote's sense of taste revealed that these guys have a weakness for sugar.  They will actually gorge themselves on a sugar and water concoction.  Well, that leaves humans out as potential food sources.


bullet A study on coyote vision suggests that coyote's don't see any better in the dark than humans.  Their peripheral vision however, appears to be more acute than ours.


bullet So what do coyote's think of humans?  Check this out.  A coyote in Utah under a study program showed a local rancher what he thinks.  A local rancher worked hard at bailing hay in a large pasture.  The motivated coyote systematically visited every hay bale and bit through the twine.  So, when the humans started loading the bales of hay, guess what?  Yup!  The bales began to  fall apart as they were being loaded.  Do you think the coyote hung out and  watched the results of his handiwork?

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