Felids and Friends assists in production of video starring Jim Fowler


Felids and Friends assisted in the production of a 7 minute video presenting the importance of the Babcock Ranch as green space for Southwest Florida. 

This video outlined the following:

bullet Preservation of the Babcock Ranch provides not only habitat for many endangered species of animals, but also provides a future water supply for the region. 
bullet The ranch has endangered species such as the Florida Panther, Wood Stork, Sandhill Crane and many other protected species. 
bullet This area's water supplies are over taxed due to the massive influx of people moving in.  The Babcock Ranch can supply water for at least three of the counties in this region. 


The video was filmed by Main Sail Video Productions in Ft. Myers Florida.  Felids and Friends assisted in writing the script, final editing  and provided air transportation for Mr.  Fowler.