A Day in the Life of an African Lion Cub

By Vanessa Larkin



At present, Makena is only five weeks old, weighs around twelve pounds and is about the size of a small terrier. Despite her large size at such a young age, she is still very dependent on her pride or family.



On a scheduled basis throughout the day, she enjoys her bottle of formula and vitamins, which is very similar to her mother’s milk. After her feeding, a nice long nap cuddled up with her toys is usually in order.


By far, one of Makena’s favorite things to do is play and explore.  Discovering new sights, textures to chew, smells and what she can manage to rub on and climb into.

Makena is still developing her coordination and is just now learning how to jog, move her tail and lift her feet while standing without tipping over.



As amusing as she is to be with, she has made many friends with the humans and other animals around her. In order to communicate with them, she already has a variety of vocalizations that she uses to express herself; whether it be for hunger, attention, just chatting or not getting her way, she has a distinct sound for each.



Overall, she is a very sociable animal who will continue to require a great deal of care and attention as she develops. The upcoming months will be critical as she will gradually be weaned from the bottle onto meat and will begin basic training.


Stay tuned for the next article on Makena’s development into adolescence…


Makena means Happy One in Swahili


Makena's Photo Gallery



Vanessa Larkin is a Director at Felids and Friends.