Growing Up With Katana the Leopard

Part III

Narrated by one of our volunteers

Katana is getting bigger every day. She is just over seventy pounds now.  She has the baritone purr of an adult Leopard. When I walk out the door towards her enclosure and call her, she screams back to me. 

It has been hot as usual here, so she is eating less than she would in the cooler season of winter. I feed her later at night, because its a bit cooler.

I just gave her Ivermectin.  This is a  preventative against worms, that are caused by fleas. She is very fussy when it comes to taking medicine.  So, I have to hide it in her beef. 

She still loves to jump up to me.  Unfortunately, this always puts holes in my shirt. 

I recently bought her three new indestructible plastic balls to play with. She loves beating them senseless.

We have had flooding here from the rains as of late, so Katana has been staying on higher ground in her enclosure. She is not quite sure what too make of all the water.

Well that is it for now on the update of Katana.