Animal Totems


There were many aboriginal peoples who believed that animals and animal spirits could provide meaningful direction in an individual's path through life. These cultures lived close to the earth and shared their everyday life with nature.  Most believed that animals, plants and even rocks had spirits.  All living things were treated with respect and only those living things needed for consumption to survive were taken. 


Living on to this day, there are many who like our ancient ancestors, are convinced that animals still play an important role in our journey through life's many obstacles and unforeseen problems. 

 We would like to share some examples of animal totems and their meaning to your life.  Everyone has their own animal totem.  Your totem may be a mammal for instance or a bird.  In some cases, insects are thought to be important totems. 


Read on and find your totem.  We have provided some examples of animal totems for your study.  Please remember that there may be variations on the theme, so to speak due to the descriptions being derived from different cultures. 


We are providing you with easy links for travel to web sites that may address your curiosity.  In addition, we are providing a reading list, should this presentation spark your interest further.


Descriptions of selected animal totems.

Reading list for further study.

Links to other sources on animal spirits and totems.