What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird

"Baby Bird Season" as wildlife rehabilitators call it, will be upon us within several months in Southwest Florida.  We are providing  some advice to help  you help rescue a baby bird.  

Please keep in mind that all baby birds found on the ground are not in need of being rescued.  If you do come upon a little one on the ground, look around for its mother.  Chances are the mother is near by.  Don't be in a big hurry to pick up the baby and take it with you.  Instead, monitor the situation.  Keep the baby out of harm's way - but if possible, let the mother handle the situation.  Most likely, the mother bird will intercede on the baby's behalf.

If you are absolutely sure of the location of the nest it may be from, place the baby back in the nest.  The mother will readily accept it back.  That is an old wives tale in regard to the mother rejecting its baby because of a human scent on it.  

If you are absolutely sure that the little one is in danger or if it is injured, you can use the following points as a guide:

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