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Cool stories about alligators


According to John Brickell in a story on alligators published in "The Natural History of North Carolina" in 1737, reported that alligators frequently killed dogs and pigs.  In his opinion, they developed a real taste for dogs.

The dogs of the Native Americans outwitted alligators.  They were well aware of the dangers of alligators, or so it seemed.  A pack of dogs wishing to cross the Mississippi would approach the banks and bark loudly.  They would also slap the water with their paws to attract the alligators from the area.  When the alligators congregated in the area that the dogs attracted them to, they (dogs) ran farther down the river bank and crossed at a safe distance from the deceived alligators. 

Large alligator teeth were used for powder chargers for musket rifles.  These hollow teeth held the right "powder charge" for the rifles.  Hunters would inscribe beautiful scenes on these alligator teeth powder charge holders. 

During the civil war, the south was cut off from supplies by the north.  Shoe leather like other commodities was in short supply.  Alligator hides were used as a replacement for leather in the manufacture of shoes and boots for Confederate soldiers. 

In the middle of the 1800's, alligator teeth mounted in decorative settings were used as baby pacifiers.  Often times, the alligator tooth was highly polished white and set in silver.  The tooth was hung around the babies neck and rubbed against the little one's gums when they were cutting teeth.  Some even thought that the energy from the alligators powerful jaws could be absorbed by the infants delicate jaw taking the pain away.  

Helpful Hint About Alligators:

If you are being chased by an alligator and you are with a friend.........

Stay ahead of your friend!

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