Animal Career Opportunities


Most people commonly think that the only professional career available that involves working with animals is a Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician; however, there are multitudes of career options available with many different species of animals. These positions range from requiring experience, to earning a Masters Degree from college.


Zoo Keeper, Curator or Educator: These positions are usually specialized according to the different species of animals, consist of general husbandry and often require a 2-4 year college degree.


Inspectors for the USDA (Federal) and Florida Fish and Game (State) deal with a variety of different species of animals on a daily basis and insure that the proper laws are followed with the handling and existence of wildlife populations in their area. These positions can be obtained with a 4-year college degree, or with a large amount of experience in that type of position.


Whether your animal of choice is horses, poultry, pigs or cattle; there are a large number of commercial and private farms throughout the country that heavily rely on a farm manager to assist them in assuring that their animals are raised and maintained properly. Traditionally, most farms required many years of experience, but now more farms prefer to see a 4-year college degree.


The state and universities often fund studies of endangered species and their environment, which are run by biologists. These biologists research  animals throughout the country, and sometimes travel all over the world to study these animals and their ecosystems. Biologist positions require at least a 4-year degree and commonly require a Masters Degree.


Horses, dogs and exotics are often trained by a behavioral specialist or trainer in order to accomplish the tasks required of them. Some certification classes are available, but experience is the main advantage to being a successful trainer.


Calendars, books, stationary, greeting cards, magazines and posters are often a vital key in sharing the beauty of animals with the rest of the world.

These are only a few of many professional animal career opportunities available. As long as you thoroughly enjoy working with animals and you are committed to finding a profession that assists them and willing to obtain the experience required; there are endless career possibilities where you can make a difference.

Vanessa Larkin

Director, Felids and Friends