Felids and Friends, Inc.

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The Humans who have helped us:

Vera Conner:
Thank you for your time and effort to make this website work. Also, thanks for babysitting the "kids" in the Felids and Friends neighborhood.

Thanks for getting us started on this website. You truly are our inspiration.

Thanks for the idea

Vanessa Larkin:
Thanks for your support. You are our strength.

Art Kozlow:
Thanks for the generous contribution to buy a freezer.

Lisa Barrie:
Thank you for your contribution and moral support.

Carl and Margaret Evans:
A big thanks to both of you.

James Shipp:
Thanks for your help.

Dean Cerdan
Thanks for your help on this web site. We couldn't have done this without you.

Art Plemons:
Thanks for the computer used to develop this website.

Thanks to Lee County Parks and Recreation for the donated used picnic tables for animal enrichment.


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