Shannon the Wolf Hybrid

Shannon is a wolf Hybrid.  He is about 90% wolf and 10% dog.  When Shannon arrived at Felids and Friends, he was in terrible shape.  He had no fur and he was suffering from Mange.  His bare skin had open bleeding sores.  In addition, he was mal-nourished.


Needless to say, Shannon needed a lot of tender loving care.  Shannon was placed on an all meat diet.  He received high potency vitamins, medicine to cure the mange and topical skin care.  He recovered in about 4 months. 


Shannon now has all of his fur.  He is happy and he is a very sweet wolf.    Shannon is so well behaved that he is a star performer in our children's educational programs


By the way, we never took pictures of Shannon in his worst condition.  Wolves like humans are very proud animals.  We felt that it was disrespectful to do so.  So, you now see Shannon at his best and improving.