The "growing up" Adventures of Our Friend Katana

Katana is a leopard. 

Panthera Pardus

Katana has really grown up this past year.  The first picture is Katana at 1 month of age.  The next shows her at 6 weeks old.  The last picture is Katana at 27 weeks.  

Raising a Leopard

As related by one of our volunteers

Raising a baby leopard takes a great deal of time and patience.  After obtaining Katana at ten days old, I bottle fed her every four hours or six times a day.  Then I slowly decreased her feedings over a period of months from every four hours to every five hours, then to every six hours.  

The formula I used is a powder mix made by Pet Ag.  It's called Milk Matrix Zoo Logic.  I also add vitamins and calcium into it.  I then started mixing baby food in with the formula.  After that, I started feeding Katana ground beef, chicken, turkey and pork.  I mixed the formula in with the meat.  

After a while, I just fed her the raw meat without the formula.  Soon after, I started feeding pieces of raw pork, beef and chicken with Oasis Zoological vitamins and calcium powder.  

After about six months of age, Katana was ready for an outside enclosure.  It was time for her new habitat after she destroyed quite a bit of furniture in the house.  Katana jumped on just about everything.  Leopards are very quick and they can be quite bitey.  Katana loves her new home outside.

(end of part I)


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