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A Non-Profit
to Profit Animals

A Non-Profit
to Profit Animals

Mission Statement

To stimulate the natural inquisitiveness of humans and help them recognize our bond with all animals.


Felids and Friends, Inc. a Florida Nonprofit Corporation was founded to fill a void in animal welfare issues.



The first and foremost responsibility of this organization is to protect animalís welfare without hesitation. Felids and Friends provides sanctuary to needy and unwanted exotic animals by directly housing them at our established facility or through placement to qualified organizations and individuals.


Felids and Friends furthers the protection of all animals through education.  Education is needed to make the public aware of the plight of wild animals, captive exotic animals and our companion animals. The animals protected by this organization are never used for profit, abused or stressed in any way.  Felids and Friends incorporates some of these animals for safe animal encounters in our educational efforts. Only animals deemed as emotionally appropriate are chosen. All animals incorporated in these programs are closely monitored and their participation is curtailed immediately at the slightest first sign of stress.


This organization uses highly trained volunteer staff to care for the animals in our charge. Only volunteers properly trained and knowledgeable on the subject at hand are allowed to represent Felids and Friends at any educational event. Our volunteers are always encouraged to increase their knowledge and this organization will sponsor programs to help them achieve their goals. This philosophy insures us that our efforts will always be achieved to present factual information which has been thoroughly researched and accepted by the American Zoological and Aquarium Association. (AZA)


Felids and Friends is recruiting professional educators on a volunteer basis to formulate lesson plans that utilize accepted standards now incorporated in the classroom. The objective of this philosophy is not to increase the teacherís workload but enhance the effectiveness of the individual school systems animal and wildlife educational efforts.


Felids and Friends is cooperating with other animal welfare organizations in an effort to maximize animal welfare and educational issues. Through the exchange of information, volunteer staff, cooperative events and the use of media, our organization hopes to reach the most individuals as well as influential organizations in the minimum amount of time.


Provide sanctuary to abused and needy animals with an emphasis on exotic animals, such as those from zoos, circuses and private collectors.

Educate the public on wildlife issues emphasizing the need to preserve habitat.

Encourage the public to strengthen their empathy with animals.

Felids and Friends is accomplishing this through animal encounters, school programs, public lectures and a computer web site.

When people can empathize with animals and their plight, they will be more likely to support conservation programs.

Educate the public on the problem of overpopulation of pets of all kinds, both domestic and exotic. We must always remind pet owners to accept their responsibility to prevent overpopulation of domestic companion animals and exotic animals kept as pets.

Provide Pet First Aid classes to the public. This program will enhance a pet ownerís ability to properly care for their companion animals.

"Teach The Teacher" This program will enable teachers to more effectively present information to their students on wildlife issues. Lesson plans and supporting educational material will be provided at no cost. The emphasis will be to incorporate these wildlife educational aids in the regular school curriculum wherever possible.

Establish a structured program to guarantee that properly educated volunteer staff, will effectively conduct educational programs for Felids and Friends.

Reach Out through county agencies to bring a small mobile animal display to public parks for events related to animal issues.

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