Living with Sam in the Felids and Friends neighborhood

Sam looking cool

Teeth only a dentist could love.

Hey I've already heard this story

Did you ever want to know what it is like to live with a tiger? Well, you are going to find out......


Sam has been with us since he was three months old.  Like the rest of the gang, Sam needed a home.  

So you guys out there think you want a tiger for a pet, huh?  Think again.  First, you have to have a special license.  Next, you have to build a big cage to house him.  And they are very expensive to build.  You wouldn't want a flimsy cage for a tiger.  I bet your neighbors wouldn't appreciate that.

Having a tiger is an awesome responsibility.  You change your life to accommodate Sam.  If you go on vacation, it is really hard to find a babysitter for a 500 pound kid.  I bet Sam eats more than a teenager.  He eats about ten pounds of meat a day.  Plus, he has to have his vitamins just like you guys do.  

Sam's habitat has to be cleaned twice a day.  That means shoveling....... and cleaning his water.  (Sam is worth it.)

Okay, you're still not convinced.  You want a tiger!!!!  Take a look at Sam's teeth.  Remember, these cats are still wild at heart.  Even though, Sam wouldn't mean to - he could hurt you by accident.  He is not a house cat, that's for sure.  Hey, who could afford the litter, if he was.

Enough of that.  Sam is really cool.  He has a personality like no other animal or human, for that matter.  He likes to play jokes when you're not looking.  Like, sneaking up on you and hitting the cage with his massive paw.  Sam also likes to get you close to his tub of water.  Sam soaks in the tub up to his chin.  If you're not looking....he will jump out getting you soaked.  It's really fun to watch him do his tricks when humans come to visit at the Felids and Friends neighborhood.


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